Smile Photo Annotation and Tagging Android App

  • You don’t need to sit at your computer for hours, go through photos one by one to add text, tag them, or document them!!
  • Are you tired from taking pictures and then not being able to find them in between the hundreds of pictures on your smartphone?
  • Are you tired of typing on your smartphone keyboard to add tags to your photos?
  • Do you want to take pictures and add text or speech to it, so you can later one share the lot with a friend or a colleague?
  • Do you want to add text or speech information to your photo for documentation purposes?

Smile is for you!!

Neuromorphic Smile™ is a camera and picture gallery application that helps you to immediately add a voice to your photo. Smile will then automatically extract the text (annotation) from the voice using speech recognition technology and will embed the text annotation and the voice as meta data inside the picture. This way you have full text about the picture.

So if you are searching for a picture in the hundreds of pictures you have on your phone, you can find them easily using Smile’s Search facility.

Even more, with Smile you can share the photo with friends, with or without the speech and text. Your friends or colleagues can see the picture (if they don’t have Smile), and with Smile they can see the picture, the text and listen to the speech.

Great for fun, quick greeting photos, work if you need to take photos with record, expense receipts, and many more uses.

Smile enables smart, rich, and immediate annotation of pictures – when they are taken – editing annotations, searching, replaying voice annotations, and sharing of annotated or simple pictures. Smile enables the immediate annotation without noticeable interference with the user’s camera habits.

​Smile embeds annotations in the picture using established standard, but keeps the annotation information compact by the means of compression. Hence Smile taken pictures can be displayed and used by other picture players, whether smartphones, tablets, or computers. When sharing pictures through Smile, they can be shared with or without the annotation metadata when privacy is a concern.

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