Feel.AI Age-Groups, Attentiveness, Emotions, and Gender Recognition API

feel.ai – Overview

  • feel.ai is an API for human faces detection and analysis in pictures and videos. Face analysis includes the recognition of age-group, attentiveness, emotions, and gender.
  • The API typical use-cases include marketing, retail, healthcare, senior care, online education.
  • The API is based on state of the art patent-pending technologies developed by Neuromorphic using deep learning and biologically inspired neural computing architectures.
  • The API is available through REST HTTP interface which can be used for images and videos.

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feel.ai facial analysis in pictures

  • Users can post pictures to the API and receive instantly classification results of detected faces and associated emotions, attentiveness, gender and age-groups.
  • Pictures can be in any of the popular formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.
  • The location of the faces and analysis results are returned in the response.

feel.ai facial analysis in videos

Users can post videos for facial analysis in two modes:

Batch mode

  • Each request posted by a user is queued for execution by the API.
  • The user can query the status of the job, and when it is completed, the analysis results are returned.
  • Using the API facilities, the user can also inspect video analytics, including a graph which shows the post-processed aggregate emotion state, attentiveness, age-group, and gender, frame-by-frame in the video.
  • The user has also access to media information extracted from the video which can facilitate the visualization of videos in common browsers.

Immediate mode

  • In this mode, the request is processed by the API immediately (i.e. the request is not queued, but processed instantly).

Contact us for more information or for an evaluation key.